St. Vincent – The Nowhere Inn Video

Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is looking regal, dressed in an elegant emerald green dress, in the slightly surreal video for her new song – ‘The Nowhere Inn’. The song’s release comes just days ahead of Annie’s headline performance at the iconic Hollywood Bowl on Friday September 24th, which itself comes a week after the premier of her highly anticipated mockumentary ‘The Nowhere Inn’.

The new film, about a fictional version of herself was co-written by St. Vincent and also stars Slater Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein who appears in the movie alongside her. Speaking about the project recently Clark said, “I’m so amazed and thrilled that somebody let us, gave us money, to make a crazy film about me, sure, but also just about identity and the pitfalls when someone starts to believe in their mythology and floats off into outer space. Or becomes craven in an attempt to hold onto their little idea of things.”

Even though ‘The Nowhere Inn’ is far from conventional and does not necessarily show Annie Clark in the most likeable way she also has said that – “I am not doing the convention of what these things normally do which is endear you to a pop star. That’s not the purpose of this film, and maybe that’s dangerous in this day and age. And that’s good. Theoretically we only have one life, why do it half-assed? Let’s do something crazy that people won’t forget. I think art is supposed to be dangerous. I think it’s supposed to be scary sometimes. It’s supposed to help us go to the crevices and recesses of our minds, and be a place where we can play with fire safely.”

St. Vincent is also looking forward to airing her new material live and gauging the reaction of the audience. In a recent telephone interview Annie said, “A record doesn’t really feel complete to me until I’ve actually played the songs for people and with people in real-time. Because you get to see how the energy in the crowd changes.”

St. Vincent’s tour has already kicked off and she is set to play Berkeley, Las Vegas, Paso Robles, Salt Lake City, Denver and Minneapolis before reaching The Hollywood Bowl on September 24th. St. Vincent is also bringing her  tour to Europe in the summer of 2022. 

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