Rob Reiner stirs controversy with online takes on Kyle Rittenhouse and Donald Trump

Award-winning actor Rob Reiner has always been known for his political activism — so much so that he was even parodied in an episode of South Park titled “Butt Out.”

Reiner’s waded into those waters again, taking to Twitter to weigh in with provocative statements over Kyle Rittenhouse’s visit to Mar-a-Lago to visit former President Donald Trump.

His name began to trend on Twitter on Wednesday, alongside the Meathead nickname from his character in All in the Family — the classic ’70s TV sitcom where he first made his name before evolving into a well-known director.

“An underaged kid illegally takes an assault rifle across state lines, kills two people, injures another, then is welcomed with open arms at Mar-a-Lago by the leader of the Republican Party, a mentally ill Racist,” Reiner opined in a tweet.

“This is where we are,” finishing with a declarative, “God help US.”

Rittenhouse, of course, is the teen protagonist of a recent high-profile court case, in which he was acquitted of charges stemming from an August 2020 shooting at a protest event in Kenosha, Wis.

Reiner isn’t the first celebrity to tackle the topic of Rittenhouse on Twitter, of course. Author Stephen King notable compared Rittenhouse to a shooter from the Columbine High School massacre the morning he was acquitted.

But Reiner’s tweet brought in dialogue from those who disagreed with his position, including former ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ actor Dean Cain, who asked Reiner to “at least be factual with your tweets.”

Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken went as far as to note, “Imputing a person committed a crime is defamation per se,” cheekily adding, “You should probably consult a lawyer, Rob.”

However, many flocked to Twitter to agree with Reiner as well. The Tweet, which garnered nearly 12,000 retweets and over 52,000 likes in its first 14 hours on the platform, sparked discussion.

One user suggested googling “Zimmerman now” — referring to George Zimmerman, the subject of the 2012 trial for the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida — to see what life would look like for Rittenhouse in the future.

Another user compared the meeting to the cult-classic Dumb & Dumber comedy films.

Another user shared an incisive quote from Trevor Noah about the case.

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What Mr. Reiner has to realize is Republicans (and Non-Democrats) also buy tickets to movies. Sad to say, it is really the talented people like Mr. Reiner who always seem to be bitter toward the society which made them famous and successful.

I agree, I don’t mind Hollywood chiming in, but they need to have their facts. They are the same one having fits about climate change when they live in one of their 3 or 4 mansions.


Another washed up tv person giving his opinion. Just turn him off.

Rob Reiner is also a successful director. He’s not washed up.

Obviously, Reiner is ignorant of the facts and is just promoting himself. Probably looking for contributions for his causes, or a boost to his self esteem.

Hollywood people need attention and they get it anyway they can. Would he be saying the same if Rittenhouse had met with Biden instead . Reiner is an old man that is looking to matter. And as for Trevor Noah. He is a member of the CNN crowd which stands for Control New Narrative. If the narrative is not what they want it to be IE; innocent then they have to change the story to their preferred narrative so they can talk about it and have their flock of mindless followers regurgitate their dogma.

Trump is a well known quantity who cares only about memememe. I am surprised that he will not try to get a pass for the 3 Brunswick Georgia murderers to come to Mar a Lago. Hopefully, Trump will be convicted for one of his foibles such as election tampering in Georgia, January 6 or the new investigation launched by ‘Scotland to discover whether or not the cash that he used to buy their golf course was laundered. One by one, his endorsed candidates for Congress are having to leave their races, but still his mouth runs. Did ya’all know that funds contributed to the GOP and its various fund raising arms are not used for candidates, but to pay Trump’s legal fees, including his private problems

Per Trump and McCarthy, bringing back the GOP will be completely about REVENGE

Its comments like this that keep us divided and have allowed our Country to evolve where we are now. Everyone wants to protect their rights and liberties, but, unfortunately, what the Democrats consider rights and liberties is only what they believe in. So much hate spewing from people in “Hollywood”, like they are smarter than everyone else. I truly wish these so-called artistic people would stay out of politics and wait for the facts before they feel the need to give us their opinion. I’m very capable of making a decision without their input. Rob Reiner, stick with what you do best, which I’m guessing is directing. It’s a good day job for you so don’t blow it.

dumb enough to loot stores dumb enough to get shot

This is the second or third Hollywood person who has gotten it wrong since yesterday, lol. Reese Witherspoon had the facts wrong yesterday too. Whoopi Goldberg called Kyle a murderer on the View. Athletes are screwing up too because they think they are so perfect. None of them could have possibly watched the trial. Besides, President Trump was a better president than the one in the basement we have now.

Reiner, Goldberg and Witherspoon are a few people Kyle can add to his lawsuit. They shouldn’t open their mouths without knowing the facts. Too bad they didn’t watch the trial and see the video. The surviving protester admitted the truth about pointing a gun at Kyle before he shot him. Whoopi called him a flat out murderer on the View even after he was found innocent. She, Sonny and Joy Behar are the biggest racists on tv next to joy Reed and Trevor Noah. Seems like everyone with a soapbox has to get up and make a fool of themselves. Like Arberys father said today, not all black people are bad and not all whites are racist. It’s time to stop the division that the left has created.

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