ps3, Medal Of Honor Warfighter – Game Preview

Powered By the Award-Winning Frostbite 2 Game Engine, Medal of Honor Warfighter Set to Unleash Innovative Gameplay Inspired by Real Warriors, Real Operations and Real Hotspots

Danger Close Games, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts Inc today announced that Medal of Honor Warfighter is now available at retail stores in North America and will be released on October 26 in Europe.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

The award-winning Medal of Honor franchise has sold over 50M copies in its illustrious history, with Medal of Honor Warfighter set to deliver this year’s only true modern military shooter experience. Introducing 12 Tier 1 units from 10 different nations including the Polish GROM, German KSK, Canadian JTF-2 and U.S. Navy SEAL, Medal of Honor Warfighter will deliver one of the premier multiplayer experiences of the year. Powered by the advanced technology of the Frostbite 2game engine, says the game “looks and feels far better than its predecessor.”

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

The Medal of Honor Warfighter innovative multiplayer design allows players to represent their nation as gamers go head-to-head pitting the best-of-the-best soldiers from around the world in online competition. The game also introduces a new multiplayer co-operative feature called Fireteams, which gives players a competitive advantage and rewards them for teaming up with a friend on the battlefield. Players will be able to represent their global warfighters and experience Fireteams in eight real-world maps including Sarajevo Stadium in Bosnia and five unique modes like the nerve-rattling “Hotspot” and fast-paced “Home Run” Sport mode.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Written by actual U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas,Medal of Honor Warfighter features a dotted line to real world events and provides players a view into globally recognized threats and situations letting them experience the action as it might have unfolded. From rescuing hostages in Abu Sayyaf’s stronghold in Basilan, Philippines to assaulting Al-Shabaab’s “Pirate Town” on the Somali Coast, the single player campaign allows players to step behind the iron sights of Tier 1 Operators as they hunt down a terrorist mastermind and the global threat of the distribution of a deadly explosive chemical called PETN.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter is available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and the PC. The Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition*includes the Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack in North America and Medal of Honor Warfighter The Hunt Map Pack in Europe at no extra charge. The pack will be available for sale for £7.99 or 800 MS points in conjunction with the theatrical debut of Zero Dark Thirty when the film releases the week of December 17. 

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