Polly Scattergood – Looking For A God Video

Polly Scattergood‘s exploration of space and time continues on her latest track ‘Looking For A God’ as she journeys through the solar system finding inspiration in the “shimmering darkness”. Working once again, as she did on her last album – ‘In This Moment’, with Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos, Polly has conjured up something quite magical from the relatively restrictive scenario that has been brought about by the various CoVID lockdowns. 

Both she and Jim had time on their hands as Polly explained recently, “When lockdown came in, we decided to do some virtual writing sessions, the new-found time that we both had on our hands. We would get together on a video call at midday and just keep the session running until we had a song. Glenn Kerrigan, my long-time collaborator, was on hand to help us conjure up a sound from the outer edge of the universe.”

‘Looking For A God’, is the close out track from Polly’s new four track EP, ‘In The Absence Of Light’ and follows on from last month’s single ‘Saturn 9’ and the lead, title track released back in June. Whilst ‘Saturn 9’ was more upbeat and poppy Polly’s latest track is a more familiar sound that follows neatly in the footsteps of Polly’s own reinterpretations on last year’s sublime ‘Attic Sessions EP’.

‘Looking For God’ deftly puts Polly’s vocal up front and exposed whilst the undulating and evocative soundtrack carries the song forward with a hypnotic serenity. Scattergood’s delicate and fragile voice always seems so close to breaking point but that’s where the beauty lies; within the elegance inherent in the near diaphanous sound that she creates.

Polly Scattergood summed up the EP when she said, “Whilst locked down; we looked up. Dreaming of faraway landscapes and spaces in the distance. We researched planets and solar systems and found inspiration in a dreamlike journey. A shimmering darkness twisting around mythology and science but shrouded in a vast unknown. These journeys were then reflected upon from our more grounded space, mid-pandemic, trapped between four walls. All writing sessions via video link. Time delays and interference all added to the energy within this project.”

On the day of it’s release Polly tweeted, “Huge thanks to all of you who have listened, streamed & pre-ordered my new EP…’In The Absence Of Light’ – have a great weekend. Polly x.”

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