New Music Friday: Julia Michaels has purchased, or hired, a chainsaw

The new Julia Michaels song starts off as one thing and ends up as something a bit different. Pop songs about rela­tion­ships tend to be vari­ations on a fairly small number of themes but All Your Exes artic­u­lates anxiety over former partners in a really unusual way, and there are some com­pletely excellent lines in the song. “When your friends tell stories about 2017 I know there’s parts that they leave out to be con­sid­er­ate of me” — A LINE. (For instance.) (I mean that’s an actual thing that happens all the time isn’t it, but have you heard it in a song before?) “Wish I could be bliss­fully unaware of where you used to put your mouth and who you write your fucking songs about” — ANOTHER LINE. Loads of lines. It’s literally a song with lots of words in. (A very good song.)


  • Having said all that, “I think I’m ready for your sex” in the Alle Farben/Theresa Rex song is probably the best lyric of the week.
  • Moyka is abso­lutely not mucking about on her new one. What a song, what a popstar.
  • Another set of KLF reissues means another com­pletely ana­chron­istic NMF playlist entry, this time in the form of Jarvis Cocker doing Justified & Ancient.
  • I don’t think history will judge me kindly for including the Seeb/Kooks remix on this week’s playlist. Even I’m taking a bit of a dim view of my actions. But: it kind of works doesn’t it? Like, it’s actually quite good? We live in strange times. Maybe this is what a year without proper social contact does to people. What next? A Pigeon Detectives x R3HAB remix being ‘actually not that bad’?

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