Lorde – Mood Ring Video

Lorde is chilled out to the max as she burns sage and cleanses crystals in the video for her latest single, ‘Mood Ring’. Having made an understated but much welcome comeback earlier this year with her June single ‘Solar Power’ Lorde is now well and truly making her presence felt as she releases her third single from her hotly anticipated forthcoming album. 

‘Mood Ring’ follows Lorde’s second single this year, ‘Stoned At The Nail Bar’, and comes just days ahead of her third studio album, also titled ‘Solar Power’, which is set for release on August 20th via Universal Music.

The antipodean songstress has been largely ascent from the music scene for what seems an age having last released a full length record almost four years ago when she shared her second album, ‘Melodrama’. With the release of her new 14 track album, and the recent success of her latest singles, Lorde will be hoping to replicate the global sales of her previous material. 

Speaking about her latest track Lorde said, “This is a song I am very excited about, it’s so much fun to me. Obviously when making this album I did a deep-dive into 60s, Flower Child culture. I wanted to understand the commune life, dropping out from society and trying to start again. That really resonated to me when writing this album.” The New Zealand superstar added, “I thought ‘Mood Ring’ was a really cool metaphor for the kind-of magical thinking that we all employ at times to feel well”..and…”I think about this sometimes when I’m reading my horoscope and I’m bending it to make it what I need it at that moment.”

In the Joel Kefali and Ella Yelich-O’Connor directed video Lorde and her group of laid back ladies get “transcendental in your meditations” as they use plants, vitamins and even celebrity news to “get well from the inside.”

‘Solar Power’, the new album from Lorde, will be released on August 20th via Universal Music New Zealand.

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