Christina Aguilera – Somos Nada Video

Only one month after Christina Aguilera dropped her first single of the year she’s back with another Spanish language track – ‘Somos Nada’. Aguilera’s second single in as many months is another that’s due to be featured on her first Spanish language album since she released ‘Mi Reflejo’ back in 2000. ‘Mi Reflejo’, released the year after her self-titled debut solo album, won a Latin American Grammy for the ‘Dirrty’ artist.

Whilst her last release was a collaborative affair featuring ‘Shower’ singer Becky G, Nicki Nicole and Argentine singer-songwriter Nathy Peluso, ‘Somas Nada’ (Yes Nothing) is a solo song from Christina that focuses more on her expressive vocal than the Latin rhythms of ‘Pa Mis Muchachas’ (For My Girls).

Both ‘Somos Nada’ and ‘Pa Mis Muchachas’ will be included on her new, as yet untitled, Spanish language album. Speaking about the new album she said,”It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for so many years. I have an amazing team behind me that’s so supportive. I’ve been in music for a really long time, but there’s nothing like being around Latin musicians and artists, the energy they bring to the table, the love and the passion they just bring and exude. I actually am reinspired by music all over again, making this album.”

Aguilera’s first Spanish language album in 20 years is due out early next year, at the same time as an English language album that she’s been working on simultaneously. Speaking about that project Christina, or Xtina as her fans are calling her, said “As I get older, I’m more able to explore the core of the music that I love. So we’ll be fleshing that out for sure… I never make a record where I don’t have something new and fresh to say, having gone through certain experiences, life changes.”

Britney Spears recently called Christina Aguilera out for not having anything “fresh to say” after Spears successfully won the right to end her 13 year conservatorship. When asked for a comment Aguilera looked at her publicist before saying – “I can’t”. 

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